March 19, 2010

Kids views on life

This is my first attempt at joining a blog hop (or whatever they are called). Lucy, over at Mystical Rose Design, is hosting (is that the right phrase? am I really that old that I don't know this???) a blog hop called "Kids say the darndest things Fridays".

And yes, Little One has come up with some interesting sayings and interpretations. One of my more recent favorites is "there is no God like Joe".

Head on over to some of the other blogs for other cute kids.

March 16, 2010

One more year

Happy Birthday to my sweet Little One! She turned four this past weekend (I can't believe it!). This is the first year that we gave a birthday party with kids. She had a blast!

My birthday is tomorrow. So far, this decade seems...less energetic...than the last. Women, note that your hormones really do start to decline in your late 30s to early 40s. Ugh - I have to get some energy back somehow!

And, of course, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! (Good thing I like the color green; lots of green birthday cakes growing up.) Little One and I will be discussing the Trinity (hopefully with a shamrock art project, but that depends on Mommy's energy level). Maybe we can say the St. Patrick's chaplet.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day, wear green, and pray for greater faith!

PS: We managed to make and decorate a shamrock yesterday. We talked about the Trinity -- and then Little One handed me the shamrock and said "Happy Birthday!" Apparently she and her father had already discussed making me a green card, and I confused the matter by making a green shamrock. :)

March 10, 2010

Lent at our house - How are we doing so far?

Little One found a way around the "fasting from shopping during Lent": visit the grandparents who acted as babysitters one night, fail to mention the family Lenten fast from shopping, get grandfather to buy stuffed animals and two DVDs - and then explain to Mommy the next morning that these weren't really toys but rather a stuffed animal and movies (because I must have explained it to her as "no buying things like toys").

Purchasing canned goods for weekly donations: not so well. But we will do this. It just may be in one lump sum.

Lighting purple candles: sort of, but we're running low on candles, which aren't really a necessity, so...back to our white Lady of Guadalupe candle.

Reading books on Lent, Stations of the Cross, and Easter: at least we have one success! We also started a book on the rosary and then said the introductory prayers using her rosary beads. How precious is that?

Hanging Stations of the Cross around the house: we haven't done this at all, and I had to admit this failure to Lucy in the comments section of Lent at our house.