March 10, 2010

Lent at our house - How are we doing so far?

Little One found a way around the "fasting from shopping during Lent": visit the grandparents who acted as babysitters one night, fail to mention the family Lenten fast from shopping, get grandfather to buy stuffed animals and two DVDs - and then explain to Mommy the next morning that these weren't really toys but rather a stuffed animal and movies (because I must have explained it to her as "no buying things like toys").

Purchasing canned goods for weekly donations: not so well. But we will do this. It just may be in one lump sum.

Lighting purple candles: sort of, but we're running low on candles, which aren't really a necessity, so...back to our white Lady of Guadalupe candle.

Reading books on Lent, Stations of the Cross, and Easter: at least we have one success! We also started a book on the rosary and then said the introductory prayers using her rosary beads. How precious is that?

Hanging Stations of the Cross around the house: we haven't done this at all, and I had to admit this failure to Lucy in the comments section of Lent at our house.

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