February 17, 2010

Lent at our house

Little One will be four in less than a month (I can't believe it!), and we've tried to come up with some ideas for Lent that she can start to embrace. One thing that we are doing as a family (besides praying together) is to fast from shopping (except for birthdays and necessities). Now, I'm not saying that we buy a lot of stuff, but both my husband and I do have a tendency to buy little things here and there for our daughter - or for ourselves for that matter. I don't remember getting things growing up outside of Christmas, birthdays, and the occasional visit to grandparents (when we got to have "special" cereal and candy). So, this family sacrifice is both for Little One and us: how to have patience, learn self-control, and detach from material things.

I also purchased (yes, before today) several small books on Lent, Easter, and the Stations of the Cross that we can read during this time. We will be purchasing canned goods and donating them to our church's food pantry each week, and lighting purple candles at dinner.

Katie has some great ideas as well. I will attempt to make and hang pictures for our own Stations of the Cross around the house.

Praying that this Lenten season brings you closer to God.

February 11, 2010

It's snowing!

Yes, that is worthy of blogging about here in Texas. I don't think I have ever seen a whole day of snow falling! Luckily, I could work from home, which meant I could take a few breaks with Little One. She finally got to make her snow angels! And throw a few snow balls.

We will almost certainly be at home tomorrow as well, since the slushy roads are expected to ice over night (making it nearly impossible for Texans to drive).

February 4, 2010

Tim Tebow ad - and a FOXNews.com opinion

On FOXNews.com, Kevin McCullough provides an interesting perspective on the much discussed upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring football player Tim Tebow and his mother.

The fear and loathing coming from the pro-choice community over this ad has been intense. It’s especially intense given that none of the people coming forward to decry it have actually seen it!

February 1, 2010

Dallas visit of the holy relics of Christendom

For those in the Dallas area, please note that Holy Trinity Catholic Church (my parish!) will be hosting holy relics of Christendom:

The Holy Relics of Christendom to be exhibited at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas

For as long as there have been saints in the Catholic Church their holy remains, personal belongings, and even implements of martyrdom have been preserved as relics of their saintly life and a means of connection to them. In addition to the saints, the faithful have also venerated items believed to be associated with the death of Christ. Soon a collection of these relics, from pieces of the cross, the crown of thorns, and relics of clothing long believed to have been used 2000 years ago by Christ and his Mother will be on rare public display along with a large private collection of many centuries of saintly relics in Community Life Center of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas.

The relics will be on display the second week of Lent on Saturday February 27th and Sunday February 28th from 10AM until 7PM. Special guest speaker, Steve Landregan, historian and archivist from the Diocese of Dallas, will conduct a presentation at 10am on Saturday, Feb. 27. Large crowds are expected for both.

Pneumonia - really?

Little One was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. She was almost admitted to the hospital because her blood oxygen level was low. Luckily the office breathing treatment brought it back up. She had to have a chest x-ray, which showed that her lungs were leaking. Back to the doctor the next day for more x-rays. Thankfully, this time the leaking had gone away (otherwise she would have been admitted to drain the fluid). She is better now, but still on medication. Wow - scary times!

We had lots of family and friends praying for us and are thankful that she is on the mend.