January 10, 2011

More, More, More!

That’s right. I want MORE! However, unlike so many others, I’m not trying to gain more power, wealth, fame or stuff. No, I want to improve how I live my life, praise God, and affect others. With that in mind, below is my top 10 “I want MORE!” list:
1. Pray more: Everyone can pray more. I can and need to pray more. I look for opportunities to pray throughout the day. But I also need to reassess my committed (and currently very short) time for prayer. And by making my prayers more visible, I hope to lead my husband and daughter to a more active prayer life.

2. Do more: My goal is to acquire less so that as a family we can focus on experiencing more. Studies show that it’s not stuff that makes us happy, but the trips and things that we do that promote long-term happiness. Recently, our family has talked about saving for Disney World (popular with our little Princess), taking another cruise (parental favorite!), and planning for future pilgrimages to Rome, the Holy Land, or other locations. Yet, these trips take planning and saving. Meanwhile, we can and should take time to make day trips, visit museums and parks, and plan dates.

3. Learn more: I love to read. There is always something new to learn, although learning a new language or picking up an instrument is a bit too optimistic at this time.

4. Teach more: Through my words and how I live my life, I am trying to lead others to live better lives.

5. Listen more: Yes, I need to listen more to what others are saying. What does my husband really need from me? How can I be more patient in understanding my daughter? What did that person just say on yet another conference call???

6. Create more: Happy times when I am creative. Like most of this list, I just have to make the time.

7. Be “more healthy”: My husband and I both need to exercise more (or, if I am honest, start exercising). And while eating healthier (or less unhealthy) than most Americans is great, I know that I can improve my diet and that of my family. I love fruits and veggies, but I’ve got to eat more protein and good fats.

8. Give more: We need to count our blessings. We have so much more than so many others. And we really can help others by giving more of our time and resources.

9. Relax more: I try – I really do!

10. Cuddle more: My daughter just wants someone to play with her. Yes, she needs to learn to entertain herself, but I can attend more tea parties, play more games, and watch more performances. She is growing up so fast, and these are the activities that both of us will remember. I also need to spend more cuddle time with my husband. Although we are usually in the same room in the evenings, we tend to do our own thing. Nice – but not enough. At least some evenings should be spent doing something, even if watching TV, together.
There you have it. Any suggestions are welcome.

Happy and healthy New Year!