October 20, 2010

10 Reasons I Like My Job

In this day and time, I should be happy that I have a job. And I am! As the current breadwinner of my family (hubby has gone back to school), I really need a good job. But sometimes, I feel less than happy when my company institutes pay cuts and lays off thousands of people. We are all asked to do more with less. I’m sure that’s not limited to my company. So, here are the top ten reasons that I like my job:
1. It pays the bills (although fewer than before)
2. I can work from home if I want/need to
3. Which allows me to at least save money on gas, tolls, and general wardrobe costs,
4. And lets me get dinner and laundry done sooner (since I am already home and don’t have to make the commute),
5. And sometimes means that I have time to go to daily Mass!
6. Since I’ve worked at this company for awhile, I have a number of vacation days
7. People know me and appreciate what I do, which can come in handy if I need to deal with some personal issues (doctor appointments, sick parents, child’s school function)
8. Did I mention that they pay me?
9. Company discounts on products
10. And I truly do like the people that I work with

Sometimes I have to remember to be happy, especially since I have a number of friends who have been out of work for months. And I am – I am truly blessed to have a job with such flexibility.