October 6, 2009

From the back seat

What I heard coming from the backseat in song the other day:

"There's no God like Joe! There's no God like Joe!"

Now, you may be wondering who "Joe" is. He would be a three-year-old's version of Jehovah.


Mary333 said...

That's cute. The little ones say the funniest things. I'm sure the Lord loves being called Joe, lol.

Diana said...

Thanks! It's really wonderful to hear her singing songs of praise - no matter how she pronounces some of the words. :)

Lucy said...

That's so cute! Thanks for joining the fun this Friday. We'll do it again next Friday. :)

Anne said...

The backseat brings forth some very interesting comments, doesn't it?

Lucy said...

Oh, and join us for Pro-Life Tuesdays!

In Christ,

Diana said...

Thanks Lucy and Anne! I look forward to joining pro life Tuesdays.