September 10, 2008

Chores, Allowances

My husband and I have talked off and on about chores, allowances and grades. I grew up with minimal chores but never questioned the few that I was asked to do. I was neither paid for grades nor received a regular allowance. On the other hand, my husband didn't grow up with the same requirements for keeping his room clean, etc. He wasn't paid for grades but has said that this may have helped him in school (he never liked school growing up).

We do believe that children should participate in an age appropriate manner with the care and maintenance of the household. In addition, with some persuasion on my part, we agree that payment for grades is not how we will operate. However, I do think that some sort of allowance helps children develop money management skills as well as encourages responsibility.

Angie at Many Little Blessings validates my thoughts on allowance and offers a few additional ideas that we'll most likely use. She has a more recent post that summarizes nicely age appropriate chores. Thanks Angie!


Angie said...

Hey, thanks! :) That was very nice of you to mention me!

Diana said...

Angie - Thank you for the input on allowances and chores!