July 8, 2008

Organic Pricing

On a recent trip to Whole Foods to pick up some organic milk, I decided to check out their store brand pricing in comparison to products at other grocery stores. It still seems expensive, but not necessarily by much. I haven't done in depth analysis, but I did find this article by someone who did. The organic, 365 Everyday Value brand of milk seems to run about 15-30% more (using my best guess on what milk runs at Kroger).

So, perhaps we will buy a few more organic products after all.


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Hi Diana,

Just curious: is the 365 brand of milk at Whole Foods ultra-pasteurized?


Diana said...

Hi Kelly,

Both the 365 and the 365 Organic are pasteurized and not ultra-pasteurized. The organic version states that it has no hormones. The Braums milk is pasteurized with no hormones and is cheaper (but not available outside of Texas and nearby states). Most of the other brands of milk at Whole Foods seem to be ultra-pasteurized.

This has all been such a learning experience!