April 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes (vol. 1)

NOTE: if you found me via Jen's blog on April 15, I linked to the wrong post! I should have linked to 7 Quick Takes (vol. 2). So sorry!

1. No April Fool’s joke: This is my first time to join “7 Quick Takes Friday”.

2. After that exciting bit of information, uh, hmm, so…let’s see. I got nothing. No, wait. I can do this!

My husband and I got iPod Touches for our belated Christmas/partly birthday/sort of Valentine’s presents to each other. I love it! We didn’t want iPhones because we didn’t want to be tied to the monthly fees. Trying to cut back, you know.

3. We visited my family in Houston a few weeks ago. My mother is home from the hospital but still in a hospital bed. Back to her old self – both good and bad! She was in the hospital over Christmas because of a fall and the resulting broken femur. Her surgery went well, but the recovery was and continues to be difficult. We thought we were losing her (kidney failure from the surgery) but were blessed with a Christmas day miracle. Thank you Lord. However, Mom still has Corticobasal Degeneration. I ask for continued prayers for her and my dad.

4. Moving onto happier thoughts, Princess and I planted our herbs and flowers yesterday evening. Last Saturday, with temperatures in the low 80s, I promised Princess a trip to the nursery the next day, which unfortunately dawned wet, windy and in the 40s. Some cruel joke since I had put away the winter coats the day before. Bravely we all went to the nursery Sunday afternoon, picked out some plants, brought them home, and left them on our balcony. “Too cold for planting,” I said. Finally, it was warm enough yesterday. In other words, the temperature reached the 70s because everyone knows that anything less is considered cold. Insert image of husband rolling eyes.

5. Princess spent the time digging in a pot of dirt.

6. Princess, aka Little One, turned five this month. She is expecting a birthday party with friends (we did one with family). I have no ideas. I wanted to keep the cost down by having it at our house, which is really a condo. No, there is no space outside to do anything. And no, I don’t have seating for ~10 kids. I’m at a loss. I thought about doing one of those stuff your own animal parties (I found one for cheaper than most). I guess they could sit on the floor…

7. Finally, I also celebrated my birthday this month. It was rather non-eventful since we were having cake for Princess with my family that day. Hint: lots of people wore green on my birthday.

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Helen said...

Visiting from Jen's blog . . . Happy First 7 Quick Takes!

Since your Princess enjoyed herb/flower planting so much, maybe you could decorate pots with her friends and give each a flower to plant and take home?

Diana said...

Helen, thanks for stopping by.

That's a good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of that - we've painted a flower pot before. Party activity and thank you gift all in one!