November 10, 2009

Unscheduled break

My lack of posts lately started as work related (darn that pesky job...oh, wait, it pays the bills - never mind), but moved into accident recovery and recovering from illness.

On All Saints Day, Little One fell mouth first onto the floor, losing her first tooth (about 4 years early) and needing several stitches on her lip and gum. Poor thing! She is better now, sans tooth, but that day was scary! Lots of blood and crying. We took her to an urgent care facility. I've only been to such a place one other time, and that was to get stitches for my husband. I've ended up sick each time, perhaps coincidently, but still!

I don't think I had the flu, but I never went to the doctor. I felt quite bad for a couple of days, and the lingering sneezing and stuffy head suggests cold, not flu.

Anyway, that's my story!

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